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Developing Your Voice

29 DE JULIO - 10:00 A 14:00

Teatro Real / Estudio de cuerda

Se impartirá el 29 de julio con horario de 10:00 a 14:00

Are you looking to expand your vocal range? Are you experiencing vocal fatigue while on tour? Are you seeking to discover your own voice? From the aspiring beginner to the seasoned professional, every singer has the potential to grow in his or her vocal abilities. No matter where you find yourself along your vocal journey, you have come to the right place.

Points of Interest:
· Clear advantages: increasing and creating opportunity
· Singer versus listener: reflect on perspective
· What does it mean to be a thoughtful musician?
· The journey of the song: knowing where you want to go
· Performance technique: utilizing your strengths and mic control
· Connecting with your audience
· Song styling and interpretation
· Song selection and repertoire

Jerome Kyles B.M. ‘97 will conduct this workshop, assessing your vocal skills, providing insight and guidance for your vocal goals, and addressing any questions or concerns you may have with regard to your voice. Kyles will utilize his incredibly diverse and comprehensive experience from his 30-year career teaching, studying, performing, and mentoring. This is your chance to work with an artist who brings experience, technical skill, passion, authenticity, style, and flare, all in equal parts.